5 Quick Ways to Win at Roulette

5 Quick Ways to Win at Roulette

The classic table game of roulette is sure to always grab attention. Fast-paced, thrilling, and potentially rewarding, the American, European, and French versions of the game at River Belle attract millions of players.

Find out five quick ways to win at roulette, also known as the King of Casino Games, with us.

1.Play European Roulette

Our first tip for landing quick roulette wins is to play the European version of the game when faced with a choice. The reason for this is all down to the wheel.

The European version uses the classic wheel layout, which features a single zero. The American version, on the other hand, has a wheel with zero and double zero pockets, which pushes up the house edge.

2.Place Outside Bets

Another quick way to win at roulette is to place Outside bets rather than Inside bets. Outside bets are those on the outer edge of the grid on the table, and are far more generous in scope than the more specific or complicated Inside bets.

You would be betting on results such as red or black, odd or even, high or low, which gives you a near 50/50 chance of landing a win.

3.Avoid American Roulette’s Worst Bet

As much as you love the idea of quick roulette wins, the serious suspense of the American version of the game might sound just as attractive to you. If you do play the American version, avoid placing the 0-00-1-2-3 five-number combination bet.

With a house edge of 7.89%, it’s the not one you want to place if you’re looking to land quick wins.

4.Place High-Paying Bets

The fourth quick way to win at roulette is to place bets that are known for offering substantial payouts. While no one number is a guaranteed win, it can be helpful to remember that single number, two-number, and three-number bets can deliver amazing wins.

Single number bets have odds of 35 to one, two-number bets have odds of 17 to one, and three-number bets have odds of 11 to one.

5.Place Combination Bets

Our fifth tip for quick roulette wins is to place combination bets that cover one third of the board. Do this by betting on either the top or the middle row, and then place an equal bet on whichever colour has won most often at that table.

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