5 Games That Changed Casinos Forever

5 Games That Changed Casinos Forever

Casino games have been evolving since the dawn of time, and some have even been around in one form or another long before there were even casinos. But there have been several games that have changed the face of casinos, as we know them today.


While it seems to be almost everywhere you look, and is by far one of the most popular casino games, Roulette is older than you might initially think. In fact, Roulette began its influence on casinos in the early 1790’s in Paris.

A version of the game was around a bit earlier but it was only in Paris that the version we play today became popular. From there it moved to Germany and then all over Europe. Of course, when European settlers headed to America, the game went along with them. However, during the first part for the 20th century, only Vegas and Monte Carlo were seen with the double zero spot on the wheel, but the game has flourished all over the world, and is a strong contender for most popular game at any online casino.


Possibly one of the most famous games in the world, Poker has also been around a while. The first version of the game is recorded in New Orleans in 1829, and was only played with 20 cards. Players would bet on the value of each player’s hand. When the French deck of 52 cards was introduced, a lot more complexity became part of the deal and the game became more and more detailed regarding rules and winning hands. There are few casino games that require as much skill as poker does, and it’s no small feat to win a poker game. As one of the very few casino games that can be played at home, it’s actually a little surprising that it is so huge in casinos. But when you are well practiced, and tired of taking your friends money, there is nothing quite like a high stakes table in a private Poker room at the casino to add thrill to the game.


Blackjack is another extremely popular table game, partly because it’s another of the few that’s outcome can be influenced by real skill and strategy. With so many games being based on chance alone, it’s not a surprise that a player may long to influence his odds. There really isn’t a lot of written history about where exactly the game came from, but it was famously recorded in a book by Miguel de Cervantes in 1602. Cervantes is most well known for his book Don Quixote, which you have no doubt heard of. The game was originally called 21, and it was only when it was introduced to in America that it became known as Blackjack. The house offered a bonus if 21 was reached with an ace and either a jack of spades or a jack of clubs, hence the name Blackjack.

Video Poker

Our previous three games have a long history and have moved all over the world. Video poker may not have a long history but it has certainly covered the world! Video Poker only hit the casino floor in the early 1970s, about the same time as the personal computer started to become popular. Video Poker is almost exactly the same as table poker, but you don’t have a live dealer and there are no other players. It’s just you versus the machine. While this sounds a bit simplistic the game became very popular because it meant that a person who wasn’t necessarily skilled at reading people or calculating bluffs of other players, could still play and have a reasonable chance at winning. It’s a lot less intimidating to sit at a machine than to be a beginner and sit at a Poker table surrounded by people reading every micro expression!

Video Slots

Video slots came about at the same time as Video Poker. The old style slot machines were mechanical, and created by weighed tumblers rotating when the player pulled on a lever. When computerisation, or even mechanical engineering, progressed to a point where the roll of the reels could be controlled, slots became better designed and the opportunity for owners to rig the game became less. The Video Slot was just an extension of the computerised slot, as it visualised the moving parts, and required no actual mechanics whatsoever. The creation of a video screen to show an image of the slots meant that for the first time a slot could have more than 3 reels, and creators could start adding bonus features. Video Slots are by far the most prevalent game in casinos to date, and paved the way for the online casinos of the future.

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