A Rugby First For Asia

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Excitement is already building around the world for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. For the first time the event will be held in the homeland of the team who caused one the biggest upsets in the sport’s history by defeating South Africa 34-32 in the 2015 World Cup in England. The odds of that happening were like winning roulette at the casino!

Since the inaugural competition joint-hosted by Australia and New Zealand, two titans of Rugby’s, in 1987, the event has been held every 4 years, making this the 9th Rugby World Cup.

Kicking off on September 20, the 6-week tournament will see fixtures  played in twelve stadiums around Japan, providing rugby fans the perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful and unique culture and country of Japan.

Rugby World Cup 2019 dates

The 2019 Rugby World Cup runs between Friday 20 September and Saturday 2 November with matches all over Japan.

Where to buy tickets

In order to apply for tickets via the general public ticketing process, fans will need to go onto the official Rugby World Cup 2019 ticketing page and follow the links for creating an account.

The site emphasises the importance of only buying Rugby World Cup match tickets, supporter tours, hospitality and merchandise from official sources.

Rugby World Cup 2019 venues

12 stadiums across the country have been selected to host matches during the tournament With an expected 400 thousand fans expected to descend upon Japan for the event.

  • Tokyo Stadium.
  • Sapporo Dome.
  • Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium.
  • Kumagaya Rugby Stadium.
  • International Stadium Yokohama.
  • Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa.
  • City of Toyota Stadium.
  • Hanazono Rugby Stadium.
  • Kobe Misaki Stadium
  • Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
  • Kumamoto Stadium
  • Oita Stadium

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Rugby World Cup 2019 fixtures

On the edge of your seat already? Let’s have a look at the 4 different pools and fixture dates:


Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Russia, Samoa

Fri 20 Sep Japan v Russia (Tokyo), 11.45am

Sun 22 Sep Ireland v Scotland (Yokohama), 8.45am

Tue 24 Sep Russia v Samoa (Kumagaya), 11.15am

Sat 28 Sep Japan v Ireland (Shizuoka), 8.15am

Mon 30 Sep Scotland v Samoa (Kobe), 11.15am

Thu 3 Oct Ireland v Russia (Kobe), 11.15am

Sat 5 Oct Japan v Samoa (Toyota), 11.30am

Wed 9 Oct Scotland v Russia (Shizuoka), 8.15am

Sat 12 Oct Ireland v Samoa (Fukuoka), 11.45am

Sun 13 Oct Japan v Scotland (Yokohama), 11.45am


New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Namibia, Canada

Sat 21 Sep New Zealand v South Africa (Yokohama), 10.45am

Sun 22 Sep Italy v Namibia (Osaka), 6.15am

Thu 26 Sept Italy v Canada (Fukuoka), 8.45am

Sat 28 Sep South Africa v Namibia (Toyota), 10.45am

Wed 2 Oct New Zealand v Canada (Oita), 11.15am

Fri 4 Oct South Africa v Italy (Shizuoka), 10.45am

Sun 6 Oct New Zealand v Namibia (Tokyo), 5.45am

Tue 8 Oct South Africa v Canada (Kobe), 11.15am

Sat 12 Oct New Zealand v Italy (Toyota), 5.45am

Sun 13 Oct Namibia v Canada (Kamaishi), 4.15am


England, France, Argentina, USA, Tonga

Sat 21 Sep France v Argentina (Tokyo), 8.15am

Sun 22 Sep England v Tonga (Sapporo), 11.15am

Thu 26 Sep England v USA (Kobe), 11.45am

Sat 28 Sep Argentina v Tonga (Osaka), 5.45am

Wed 2 Oct France v USA (Fukuoka), 8.45am

Sat 5 Oct England v Argentina (Tokyo), 9.00am

Sun 6 Oct France v Tonga (Kumamoto), 8.45am

Wed 9 Oct Argentina v USA (Kumagaya), 5.45am

Sat 12 Oct England v France (Yokohama), 9.15am

Sun 13 Oct USA v Tonga (Osaka), 6.45am


Australia, Wales, Georgia, Fiji, Uruguay

Sat 21 Sep Australia v Fiji (Sapporo), 5.45am

Mon 23 Sep Wales v Georgia (Toyota), 11.15am

Wed 25 Sep Fiji v Uruguay (Kamaishi), 6.15am

Sun 29 Sep Georgia v Uruguay (Kumagaya), 6.15am

Sun 29 Sep Australia v Wales (Tokyo), 8.45am

Thu 3 Oct Georgia v Fiji (Osaka), 6.15am

Sat 5 Oct Australia v Uruguay (Oita), 6.15am

Wed 9 Oct Wales v Fiji (Oita), 10.45am

Fri 11 Oct Australia v Georgia (Shizuoka), 11.15am

Sun 13 Oct Wales v Uruguay (Kumamoto), 9.15am


Sat 19 Oct QF1 Winner Pool C v Runner-up Pool D (Oita), 8.15am

Sat 19 Oct QF2 Winner Pool B v Runner-up Pool A (Tokyo), 11.15am

Sun 20 Oct QF3 Winner Pool D v Runner-up Pool C (Oita), 8.15am

Sun 20 Oct QF4 Winner Pool A v Runner-up Pool B (Tokyo), 11.15am

Sat 26 Oct Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 (Yokohama), 9.00am

Sun 27 Oct Winner QF3 v Winner QF4 (Yokohama), 9.00am

Fri 1 Nov Third-place Play-off (Tokyo), 9.00am

Sat 2 Nov RWC 2019 Final (Yokohama), 9.00am

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