12 Secretive Holiday Locations

Explore the wonders of TbilisiSource: Pixabay

So, you want to get away from it all. A nice holiday by the beach perhaps, some time spent sipping on a piña colada under a palm tree, or a bit of peace and quiet playing your favourite pokies from a deck chair. But what you don’t want is other people, noise, chaos and the humdrum of every day life, and sometimes that is part and parcel of a holiday, even if you’re on the beach.

What you need then is a holiday destination that has all the benefits of the top spots in the world, but also happens to be a bit more secretive. Check out these top 12 secretive destinations then book your ticket before everyone else gets there!

Sark – Channel Islands

The fact that cars are not allowed on the Channel Islands off the coast of France should tell you everything you need to know. Add to this the fact that there is a festival called Wild Flower Fortnight and you’re really starting to understand why Sark is a place of magical beauty and ideal for some down time.

Tbilisi – Georgia

Europe has more than a few hidden gems, and Tbilisi happens to be one of them. A thriving nightlife, and incredible offering of the greatest wines you will ever taste have started putting Tbilisi on the map. The brooding, ancient architecture adds to the allure, making you wonder why this hasn’t been a tourist hotspot for decades.

Faroe Islands – Denmark

If the idea of stepping into a time machine and traveling back to an era where Vikings were still a hot topic appeals to you, you’ll want to check out the Faroe Islands. They reside in the freezing waters between Scotland and Iceland, and have virtually not advanced beyond an atmosphere that existed hundreds of years ago. We wouldn’t recommend them for swimming if that was what you’re after, but in terms of exploring untainted, dramatic coastlines, you couldn’t ask for a better option.

Lummi Island – Washington

A hot spot for those who are on honeymoon, you don’t want to miss Lummi Island if you’re in the mood for romance. The thriving local art scene is also a draw card, making it perfect for those who are after rest and relaxation rather than an adrenalin festival.

Denia – Spain

Denia is often overlooked for the more well known holiday locations in Spain. But it is for this reason that Denia is exactly the place you will want to check out. Offering world-class cuisine, mountainous landscapes and paradisiacal gardens, maybe consider Denia first before the hotter tourist attractions in the region.

Wadi Rum – Jordan

If you ever wanted the fastest route directly into an otherworldly desert paradise, now you have it. Wadi Rum is located smack in the middle of unforgiving landscapes, providing a pivot point for adventurous exploration. We won’t lie; the desolation can be a shock to the system. But on the other hand, this is something everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Andaman Islands

Just off the coast of India we have a tropical island that most don’t know exist. Hopefully it will stay that way for a while. But with the new Taj Exotica Resort and Spa opening, chances are things are about to get a little busier. Still, there is plenty of time remaining to explore some of the finest white sands and incredible aquatic life the Islands have to offer.

Southern Namib Desert – Namibia

If you are an enthusiast stargazer, then we have news for you. The Namib Desert in Namibia happens to be one of the best places in the world to do so. Yes, it also happens to be one of the most humbling in its size, scope, and sheer isolation. Though, don’t think that doesn’t mean that there aren’t luxurious resorts in which to stay, there are plenty!

The Namib DesertSource: Pixabay

Skane – Sweden

Many travel to Sweden for the Northern Lights and skiing, but overlook that further south is a mostly untouched paradise. Including glorious forests, multiple castles, and nearly 200 museums, there are few places on earth that capture serene in such a literal sense.

Puglia – Italy

As far as discovering hidden gems, you don’t get much better than Puglia in Italy. As the rest of the country has modernised and adopted newer traditions, Puglia has remained firmly set in the old ways. The offerings of gourmet cuisine alone are enough to warrant a visit. But add to that astonishingly dramatic coastlines and now you have a must see holiday destination.

Mljet Island – Croatia

An almost entirely overlooked island that is all but lost to the world. Forget classy restaurants or resorts here, it is all about unspoiled landscape and vineyards. In other words; a time machine back to a simpler era where life revolved around good wine and vast forests.

Islas del Rosario – Colombia

Islas del Rosario is made up of 27 islands in total, each with more glorious coastlines than the last. Those who enjoy snorkelling are in for a treat, because the most elaborate and stunning coral formations in the world are found right here. But once again, don’t expect much in the way of modernisation, rather embrace the island life for everything it offers that’s unspoilt and untainted by today’s conveniences.

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