12 Reasons 2020 Will Be An Awesome Year

Inside a self-driving car Source: Flickr

Let’s face it. Between fires, floods, viral epidemics, communal upheaval, and faltering stock markets, 2020 has not gotten off to the best start. However, as the following 12 reasons show, this could still turn out to be an awesome year – provided that we wash our hands regularly with soap and water.

Well, we’re talking flying cars, decent AR glasses, a robotic moon base, and much more. Some of the innovations could make playing at our state-of-the-art online casino even more exciting!

1. Super-Thin OLED Screens

Institute for the Future Distinguished Fellow, Mike Liebhold reckons that 2020 will be the year in which ultra-thin OLED screens will become the display technology norm. According to Liebhold, we will be seeing more and more paper-thin touch screens. We also will see them on walls, mirrors, and windows.

2. Cars That Fly

Flying cars are an ongoing project for several companies around the world, and several prototypes already have been created. However, Liebhold reckons that the costs, technology, and logistics – not to mention air traffic control – will be prohibitive.

3. Japan’s Robotic Moon Base

Several years ago, Japan announced its ambitious plan to use robots to build a base for robots on the moon. Originally, the intention was to have it done and dusted by 2020. Will this be the year in which progress is made, or will the realisation of the dream take place closer to 2030?

4. Truly Self-Driving Cars

The quest to develop self-driving cars is an ongoing one that has, in some cases, proved to be deadly. We have already seen semi-self-driving cars launched. However, they still require significant input from the driver. That said, we might see significant progress made this year.

5. The Great Beijing-London Railroad

China wants to build a high-speed rail line that would link its capital city Beijing with London, UK. According to reports, China would be happy to foot the bill – in exchange for natural resource rights. 2020 may be the year in which some movement is made on the plan, but it won’t be the year in which it materialises.

6. Biofuel Cost-Competing With Fossil Fuels

The push to switch from fossil fuels to biofuel obtained from renewable resources is greater than ever, especially consider the climate change crisis. Significant strides have been made in the field, so it certainly is possible that this is the year in which biofuels start competing with the cost of fossil fuels.

7. Controlling Devices Using Microchip Implants

Being able to control various devices using nothing more than a microchip implanted in our brains might be another of the many reasons 2020 will be an awesome year. At least, this year might see us move a step closer in that direction.

Developing artificial brainsSource: Pixabay

8. Commercial Travel and Mining In Space

The concept of commercial travel in space seems to be nearing its realisation, so it’s possible that we may soon see a few brief forays into the final frontier. What’s more, NASA’s Mars mission is revealing all sorts of information that indicates mining on other planets may be possible.

9. Computers With Human Brain Processing Power

Several years ago, the chief futurist of Cisco predicted that we are not far from seeing computers with the processing power of the human brain. 2020 might be the year in which machines with similar abilities as our old grey matter hit the shelves.

10. Quality AR Glasses

AR on mobile device apps is pretty good, but it is not enough – and we are not the only ones who think so. We’ve seen leaps and bounds in the field, but none of them have resulted in the AR glasses of our dreams, yet that is!

11. Mobile Devices With Universal Translation

An exciting development that could start appearing in mobile devices this year is universal translation. Developers are looking at integrating translation software into smartphones and tablets, which would do away with the need to use apps or translation websites.

12. Artificial Brains

The Blue Brain Project in Switzerland believes that we will be able to build artificial brains once we have a computer with the processing power of the human brain. Given the progress made in AI and machine learning in recent years, 2020 might bring the project closer to its dream.

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