An Undead Perspective: Zombie Dice

Welcome to the game!Source: Pixabay

If there’s one craze that doesn’t look set to die, it’s the zombie genre. Although the undead theme has enjoyed peaks and troughs since George A Romero made Night Of The Living Dead back in 1968, it seems to have a found a strong and consistent pattern of popularity since the turn of the century with film after film and series like The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. The genre has also branched out tremendously to include comedies and even romcoms – Shaun Of The Dead (2004) and Warm Bodies (2013) being prime examples. Even the mobile casino industry has lapped up this horror genre by releasing online slots like NetEnt’s Zombies™ and Microgaming’s  Zombie Hoard. However, if you prefer your fun more on the simpler and competitive side of things, then Zombie Dice, the game of brains, feet and shotgun blasts is a dead-on choice for some lightweight yet thrilling entertainment.

Gaming Components

Zombie Dice is one of those board games without a board that has been economically designed and packaged. All you’re essentially going to get from this game is the canister which holds the dice – 13 in total comprising the colours green, red and yellow, the rules, and that’s it.  Don’t be disheartened or put off by the lack of peripherals of this dice game, for its real value lies in the game play itself.

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Playing The Game

Most zombie games and movies portray the undead as the bad guys, thus you’re always up against the undead. Zombie Dice flips the script and lets you take on the role of the zombies, thus providing you with a “fresh” perspective.  The dice colour system of this game is designed to make the game challenging and enjoyable. In total, the entire dice set is comprised of 6 greens, 4 yellows and 3 reds. By reaching in to select your dice (think of the scrabble bag), the mix is random and so are the outcomes.

Each dice has three possible outcomes: brains, footprints and shotguns.  In taking on the role of a zombie, brains are clearly good, as you’ll need these to survive, footprints are a no-no as it means that your food got away from you, and a shotgun spells doom for you.  The green dice set offers 3 brains, 2 footprints and 1 shotgun while the yellow dice set comes with 2 brains, 2 footprints and 2 shotguns. The red dice set provides 1 brain, 2 footprints and 3 shotguns.

The Scoring System

Zombie Dice offers up a straightforward style of game play with all 13 dice placed in a bag, cup or some type of holder.  You’ll then need to remove a total of three and let them roll to reveal an outcome.  If brains come up, they are shelved to the left side as a temporary score while footprints stay at the centre and function as a re-roll. Shotguns are shelved to the right as damage sustained.  After you’ve rolled your first three dice, you can roll again at the risk of losing any brains you may have acquired. All footprints are collected until you reach a total of 3. Should you collect 3 shotguns, you will lose all the brains you have collected. The first player to reach 13 brains is the victor.  Zombie Dice offers a well-balanced mix of luck and skill. Like any game that relies on these two concepts as its foundational pillars, one can expect there to be times when the desired outcome of 13 brains will be achieved quite fast and other times whereby the process will take longer.

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