Marvel at power of the Uncanny X-Men

Marvel comics have spawned many films and gamesSource: Pixabay

The X-Men comic was created way back in the 1960s as an answer to segregation and prejudiced notions. Over the years the X-Men line-up and story lines have seen many changes, but the core characters created all those years ago have endured, remained largely the same with the occasional dramatic departure. The 1990s were a particularly fruitful time for the X-Men. The animated Fox-produced series introduced these characters to a new audience and they became etched in the minds of a generation.  Multiple movies followed from the early 2000s onwards and the popularity of this Marvel brand soared to the point that you will even find games featuring these characters in casino games. Marvel Dice Master: The Uncanny X-Men might not offer the kind of returns that River Belle, the online casino Canada loves best can, but for a non-casino dice game, it’s pretty darn good.

Movies and online casino games are not the only forms of merchandising that the X-Men have been a party to; there are console games, arcade games and a barrage of other forms of media that have played to the commercial strengths of the X-Men. High-end collectible cards have been around for years, so it came as no surprise that the powers that be would combine cards and dice to make the now popular Marvel Dice Masters Series, with the Uncanny X-Men being the latest to join the series.

Gaming Components

Through a series of cards, dice and options, 2 players are able to pit the various member of the X-Men against each other in a match that can last up to 30 minutes. This non-casino dice game is the sequel to Avengers vs X-Men, the first of the Marvel Dice Masters series, and a game on whose foundational strength the Uncanny X-Men relies upon.

Once you’ve unboxed the game, you will get 44 dice, 24 Character Cards, 10 Basic Action Cards, 4 Colour Reminder Cards and 2 Dice Bags.

The dice consists of 16 sidekick dice, 12 basic action dice and 16 character dice. The 24 Character Cards are divided into 8 characters, each with 3 unique cards. The 10 Basic Action Cards are comprised of special powers and abilities and a typical match will usually use 4 of these cards.  The 4 Colour Reminder Cards tell players which dice to use in conjunction with the action. The 2 Dice Bags as is indicative of the names, are used to hold the dice.

The adamantium hand of the WolverineSource: Pixabay

Playing The Game

To kick things off, each player selects two character cards.  These cards have matching dice, which the player then places on the cards. Three basic action cards are then selected and unlike the character cards, these cards don’t have colour-coded specific dice. Instead, a colour reminder card is placed under each basic action card and the dice associated with each colour reminder card is placed on top of the basic action card. The three basic action cards along with their colour reminder add-ons are then placed in a neutral spot.

Each player then places 8 sidekick dice in their respective bags and the game commences. Each player starts with a number of life points, usually 20, but if you’re a novice, then 10 life points will do. The easiest way to track your scores would be to use a pen and paper.  Reduce your opponent’s life points to zero, and you’re the victor. The game takes place over a series turns which alternates between the players. Reach into your bag, randomly withdraw 4 sidekick dice and let ‘em roll! This game also comes with a central card that lets you  download and print it, and this card provides clear guidance and directions in terms of where you stand in the game and what the next move will be.

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