Non-Casino Games For Lovers Of The Dice

Some dice games take more skill than othersSource: Pixabay

Dice are synonymous with the concept of chance – the idea that things can fall into place in one magic moment that changes the world forever. Of course, adult gamers know that much as you love her, you cannot rely on Lady Luck – taking a chance is a responsible decision and you have to know the odds. Many games, like online blackjack, are not completely random because knowledge and skill also count. To experience the thrill of chance combined with skill, you don’t have to gamble – there are many dice-based games that you can explore. Here are 10 of the best.

Elder Sign

The fate of the world and life as we know it at stake in Elder Sign, a hybrid board and dice game by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). This non-casino dice game blends multiple genres and borrows generously from genre masters of the past to create a game that’s filled with thrills and spills. While cards do feature quite prominently, they work more to advance the story of the game and its mechanics.  The throwing of dice on the other hand is the real driving force behind Elder Sign. 

Pirates vs Ninjas

The war between pirates and ninjas is one that has been waged for centuries! No, that’s not true at all. In fact, when you realise that this dice game uses the same player dynamics as Aliens vs Armies, it soon becomes clear that Pirates vs Ninjas is nothing short of an absurd, yet very fun-filled notion. While a non-casino game like Pirates vs Ninjas might be fun, and it is, one thing it cannot do is bring forth the possibility of financial returns.  However, if it’s light-hearted fun and a jolly good old time you seek, then a dice game like Pirates vs Ninjas is sure to suffice.

Las Vegas

Introducing the fast and furious board and dice game about Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the all-time legendary gambling city, and that image, that legacy, that status is something it alone maintains. Is it any wonder then that a dice game about the diciest city has been made? Even the paradox that you are playing a non-gambling casino game is somehow very Vegas!

King Of Tokyo

For years Japan has made monster films, a genre so deeply embedded in Japanese culture that the craze has never faded, even when it comes to the new generation. The most popular monster is of course Godzilla, and he’s squared off against a barrage of fellow monsters and aliens over the years. But it’s not just Godzilla that accounts for the city-smashing antics that the Japanese seem to love; there’s also Ultraman, a fictional superhero whose size increases to skyscraper proportions to take on invading monsters and aliens. No wonder gamers are loving King of Tokyo, the monster and aliens board and dice game that pits opponents against each other in Tokyo.


One of the many games relying on the use of dice is Nations, a Civilisation-styled board game that lets up to four players have a go at one-upmanship.  But Nations isn’t just about beating your friends and peers and acquiring bragging rights; it’s a game of complexities that serves as a microcosm for world history and the human condition, and it’s fun too. Build armies, erect buildings, conquer new territories, deal with the outbreak of famine and war and while you’re at it, spread some culture among the Nations!

Roll the dice for fun and fantasySource: Pixabay

The Uncanny X-Men

The X-Men comic was created way back in the 1960s as an answer to segregation and prejudiced notions. Over the years the X-Men line-up and story lines have seen many changes, but the core characters created all those years ago have endured, remained largely the same with the occasional dramatic departure. The 1990s were a particularly fruitful time for the X-Men. The animated Fox-produced series introduced these characters to a new audience and they became etched in the minds of a generation.  Multiple movies followed from the early 2000s onwards.  There are also console games, arcade games and a barrage of other forms of media that have played to the commercial strengths of the X-men. High-end collectible cards have been around for years, so it came as no surprise that the powers that be would combine cards and dice to make the now popular Marvel Dice Masters Series, with the Uncanny X-Men being the latest to join the series.

Zombie Dice

If there’s one craze that doesn’t look set to die, it’s the zombie genre. Although the undead theme has enjoyed peaks and troughs since George A Romero made Night Of The Living Dead back in 1968, it seems to have a found a strong and consistent pattern of popularity since the turn of the century with film after film and series like The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. The genre has also branched out tremendously to include comedies and even romcoms – Shaun Of The Dead (2004) and Warm Bodies (2013) being prime examples. However, if you prefer your fun more on the simpler and competitive side of things, then Zombie Dice, the game of brains, feet and shotgun blasts is a dead-on choice for some lightweight yet thrilling entertainment.

Roll For The Galaxy

As a species we’re obsessed with exploring space and creating all kinds of fantasies revolving around our conquest of it. Star Trek, Star Wars,  Battlestar Galactica, Galaxy Quest, Lost In Space,– the list of space films and series is long. To get in on the space exploration action, have a go at the ultra-cool dice board game, Roll For The Galaxy.

Ninja Dice

While originally a product of feudal Japan and deemed dishonourable by the Samurai, the ninja has become part of our modern-day lexicon and pop culture. Ninja Dice leans more on the playful side of the ninja genre and thus forgoes the usual death and revenge themes. This non-casino dice game incorporates key ninja ingredients in terms of the oriental artwork on its dice and the various symbols on its tokens.  One thing’s for sure, if you’re looking to kick your friend’s butt in a figurative manner,  Ninja Dice might have the solution.

Pandemic: The Cure

Pandemic: The Cure has all the features, traits and hallmarks of your typical outbreak scenario. This board and dice game has been designed with meticulous attention and appeals to both male and female players.  If you’re looking to save the world from the next deadly disease with world-shattering ramifications, then let Pandemic: The Cure help you live out that fantasy!

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