Cosmic Dice: Roll For The Galaxy

Explore the galaxySource: Pixabay

Space, the most hostile environment there is. No air, freezing temperatures (-270.42 degrees Celsius), distances that go on forever, and yet as a species we’re obsessed with exploring it and creating all kinds of fantasies revolving around our conquest of it. Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Galaxy Quest, Lost In Space, the list of space films and series is long and mostly optimistic about mankind’s eventual mastery thereof.  Even mobile casino games have dealt with the subject of space exploration. Moreover, space is big business, and not just for Hollywood. Some of the best technologies we’ve ever made have come from our need to be victors over space. Artificial limbs, firefighting equipment, scratch resistance lenses, solar cells and shock absorbers for buildings to name but some, were all created for space exploration.

These days there are many voices insisting that we scrap space and focus on the planet instead, which makes perfect sense. The flip side of that argument is that space is the one thing that truly pushes the human mind and spirit, and the type of technologies we stand to gain from it makes the tremendous effort worth it.  Pioneering a field is important because it forces us to explore things we haven’t before and in doing so, spawns new technologies. The online casino industry is a perfect example of technological pioneering. This industry has pushed technology in terms of mobile (casino) gaming and created online banking technology that is now ubiquitous.  However, we can’t all be pioneers, and not all of us want to be. For many of us vicarious living will do just fine, which brings us to the subject of this ultra-cool dice board game, Roll For The Galaxy.

Gaming Components

So you’ve purchased your copy of Roll For The Galaxy, and with glee and anticipation you unbox it to reveal it’s exciting world-building parts.  Before we go any further, it needs to be mentioned that the number 5 features prominently in this non-casino dice game.  You get 5 of the following: dice cups, credit meeples, player mats, player screens and phase strips.  In addition to this you also get 9 faction and home world tiles, 55 double-sided game tiles, 5 phase tiles, 111 authentic dice, a single cloth bag, 33 victory point chips and of course, the rules.

Uncover new worldsSource: Pixabay

Playing The Game

Roll For The Galaxy is an intricately designed game and one meant to truly capture your imagination. Its various parts that make up the whole creates a unique vision of space exploration and one of real gaming enticement. The basic intention is the development of new technologies and the colonization of planets.  Once a planet is colonized, it can produce goods and the goods will give you points.  In the end, the player who has accumulated the most points from planets, technology and the shipping of goods, wins.

Dice play is an integral part of Roll For The Galaxy as it advances play. This game comes with dice of various colors and symbols for the purposes of functional demarcation.  The symbols on the dice allow you to explore, develop, settle, produce and ship goods. There’s also the ubiquitous wild symbol. The game kicks off with each player receiving a home world, some basic white dice, color dice and a power. Behind the safety of a really cool and stylish player screen, everyone rolls their dice simultaneously. The outcome symbols are then assigned to their applicable phases. One dice will be used to activate the phase for the round about to take place.  Everyone then lifts their player screen to reveal their phases. Workers, galactic credits, shipping goods and all that theoretically goes into the conquest and commercialization of space is what ensues.  The game ends when the victory chip pool is up or when one player has 12 or more tile squares.

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