A Game of Skill About Las Vegas Casinos

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Introducing the fast and furious board and dice game about Las Vegas. There’s no actual money to be won, but don’t let that deter you because this game is meant to emulate gambling down to a tee, just like in your most cherished mobile casino games.  Las Vegas remains the hub of gambling in Western society and the shenanigans that go down in the desert have earned it the name Sin City, with a tag-line to boot: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Vegas does have competition though. Asia has seen a phenomenal boom in its gaming industry. The Philippines and Singapore have erected massive casino and hotel resorts while Macau has become known as the gambling capital of the world. In fact, if recent statistics are to be believed, Macau is creaming Vegas with its annual revenue of $24 billion dollars. The east might be beating the west, but there’s something that all the casinos and casino cities in the east don’t have that Vegas does, and that’s legend. Las Vegas has become legendary, and that image, that legacy, that status is something it alone maintains. Is it any wonder then that a dice game about the diciest city has been made?

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Gaming Components

When you peel away its layers, gambling is an incredibly simple pastime. You bet and you win or you lose, that’s it, there really isn’t more to it. Of course we’re not living in the time when watching  two worms crawl up a wall was enough to constitute a bet. Modern technology has allowed the wheel to be constantly refined, which is why online slot games get released all the time, sporting new themes and new stories for the same old betting mechanics to work around. Las Vegas the board and dice game is incredibly simple and its gambling mechanisms are such, that it is pure gambling. You just won’t suffer any real losses and that means you can play over and over. Open up the packaging and the following will be revealed: 6 cardboard casino mats, 54 dollar bill cards, 40 dice and a starter card. 

Playing The Game

Each cardboard casino mat is meant to represent a different casino on the strip. These mats are placed alongside each other and due to their number system, are placed alongside each other in sequential order.  Each casino mat coincides with one of the dice outcome numbers – hence 6 mats.  The 54 cards represent various denominations of cash ranging from $10 000 to $90 000. These cards are dealt indiscriminately to each casino. A total of 40 dice are divided amongst 5 players, allowing each player to play with a total of 8 dice. The starter card dictates which player will get the dice rolling.  Each casino must have at least $50 000. After a player throws his or her 8 dice pieces, he or she then selects which dice to place at the casino. Betting is compulsory, you cannot pass unless you actually have no dice left to play.  Once all the dice have been bet, the winnings are dealt out.  For each casino, the payouts go to the  person who bet the most on it.  And that’s really all there is to know about Las Vegas the dice game. It’s simple gambling fun for up to 5 people at a time with a typical game lasting up to 30 minutes.

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