10 Celebrity Gamblers

10 Celebrity Gamblers

The world of gambling has its celebrities, as with any other industry. Some gambling celebrities are well known for outstanding performances in tournaments, which is certainly an achievement that deserves recognition. Others were already a celebrity in a different industry, and have drawn attention to the fact that they participate in the gambling world. Either way, there are a few very noteworthy names on this list of 10 celebrity gamblers.

1.Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has been honoured with a best actor Oscar twice in his career, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. He first gained major recognition in Good Will Hunting, and has since gone from one film industry success story to another. The interesting thing is that many don’t even know he is also an excellent gambler.

Affleck is what some refer to as a jack of all trades. In 2004 he scooped the champion prize at the California State Poker Championship, which is a mind-blowing achievement. The prize was a not too shabby $356,000. And if this wasn’t enough, he is also rumoured to be an incredible blackjack player. One story says he won $800,000 in one session, which few professional gamblers can claim to have achieved in their lifetime.

2.Floyd Mayweather

Better known as a fighter in the boxing ring, Floyd Mayweather is now retired. But this doesn’t stop him from still placing sports bets whenever he gets the chance. It is rumoured that he placed a series of bets on boxing, basketball and NFL that netted him a staggering $4 million dollars in a single season.

3.Victoria Coren-Mitchell

Known better as a television presenter, Victoria can proudly say she has also won the European Poker tour twice in her life. It is estimated that she has amassed around £1,700,000 in her gambling career, and this number is sure to climb higher in the years to come.

4.50 Cent

Legendary musician 50 Cent is celebrated as one of the greatest performers of modern times. It seems he also likes to make bets on sports, mostly the NFL. If the rumours are true, then 50 Cent has grabbed a massive $500,000 on a single NFL game. He likely didn’t need the money, but everyone can respect the bravery of placing such an enormous bet.

5.Michael Owen

English footballer Michael Owen has a reputation for being a bit of a card shark. It is said that other players in his team often owed him money after a night of gambling, to such an extent that many even refused to go near him when he has a deck of cards in his hand.

6.Teddy Sheringham

Keeping with English footballers, Teddy Sheringham also has the card shark reputation hovering over his head. He once claimed he had made around £175,000 with his card playing skills alone. One wonders what that amount is man’s annual income is when combining card playing and football salary into one lump sum.

7.Derren Brown

Well known illusionist and performer, Deren Brown is probably not a man you want to be playing against at the poker table. After all, if anyone is a master at bluffing it is probably the man who does it for a living. Derren Brown is said to be a phenomenal poker player, but then no one is especially surprised to hear that.

He has been banned from the majority of casinos in the United Kingdom, however, which probably isn’t something he should be proud of. The reason for his multiple bans? Card counting. Brown can memorise the cards that have gone into play, and gain an enormous advantage over the casino. Shame on you Derren Brown.

8.Steve Davis

An exceptional snooker player that is recognised for his skills, Steve Davis has been seen in a number of televised poker championships. He has not won any tournaments yet, but odds are he’ll get there in the future.

9.Rafael Nadal

Anyone who knows anything about tennis knows the name Rafael Nadal. The man has, after all, won so many Grand Slams that it’s difficult to keep track of all of them. His incredible performance on the tennis court has earned him universal acclaim, and now the man is turning his attention to poker.

Stating off as just a casual hobby with a few friends, Nadal started to play online to sharpen his skills. After winning an online tournament, however, the ace tennis player has declared that he would like to pursue poker in a more professional sense. If his poker playing skills are anything like his tennis skills, the gambling industry is in for one rough ride.

10.Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II will not openly say that she gambles, but word around Buckingham Palace is that when sweepstakes time comes round, Queen Elizabeth will be the first to sign up for a ticket. Who would have guessed?

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