10 Animals That Bring Good Luck

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There are as many charms to bring good luck as there are people who believe in it. You’ve probably heard about four-leaf clovers and horseshoes, but did you know that certain animals are also said to have the power to change fate in your favour?

Different cultures around the world believe that various creatures either have supernatural powers or are omens of good things to come.

The Power of Symbols

The best part is that you don’t even need a real animal to enjoy its luck-bringing abilities. After all, they only symbolise good fortune, and that’s what you really want.

We’re told a picture or other symbol of the creature also does the job, so you do not need to worry about supporting questionable industries or animal trafficking.

So, can or will any of the following animals really bring you good luck? Find your favourite and play at our casino to find out if the animal really does help swing Lady Luck your way!

10 Lucky Animals

Pig: Yes, believe it or not, the humble pig has been considered one of the luckiest symbols as far afield as China and Germany. If you see one in a field of clover, it’s even better, because it means money is coming your way.

Tortoise: In Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese geomantic art that seeks to harmonise energy, the tortoise is a revered creature. Representations of tortoises are placed near the back of the home to attract good luck, and to create financial stability.

Crocodile: Most folk would not put crocodiles among animals that promote positive fortune. However, some cultures in Africa believe gamblers who carry crocodile teeth are the luckiest. Remember, if you can’t find a croc willing to part with his gnashers, a picture of one in your wallet should do the trick.

Cricket: In China and among some Native American tribes, crickets are good omens. In the Far East, the insects famous for their nightly serenades are regarded as protectors of hearth and home, as they stop chirping whenever someone approaches.

Ladybird: Little bugs famous for their classic polka-dot look, ladybirds are one of the most helpful insects in the garden, where they make a quick meal of aphids. Seeing one is a good sign, but one landing on your hand is even better, because it means you will enjoy prosperity and abundance.

Goldfish: In the western world, goldfish are known for little more than their allegedly short attention span. In China, they symbolise wealth. The fish are easy to keep in a tank or bowl at home, but if you can’t manage that, Chinese cultural stores should be able to supply you with various representations.

Cat: The most well-known feline superstition is that of unlucky black cats. However, in Italy, hearing a cat sneeze is a sign that you will come into some money. In Japan, the familiar figure of Maneki-neko, or the waving cat, is a familiar symbol of luck, said to attract wealth and, if you own a business, customers.

Horse: Revered since ancient times, the horse has been accorded semi-divine status by various cultures. In fact, horses are still regarded as a sign of strength, victory, authority, status, and wealth. Carry a picture of a horse as well as a mini horseshoe charm, and there will be no stopping you.

Bat: In some places, being visited by a bat means you will go insane. But in China, it is said that the flying mammals only bother visiting the best places; so one popping in to say hi is a compliment and a sign of good fortune.

Spider: You probably thought of great, big sticky webs as soon as you read ‘spider’, didn’t you? It’s precisely those webs that are the reason the arachnids are said to bring luck and prosperity. They may not be everyone’s favourite, but they are believed to make you a little luckier – something to remember next time you wittingly walk into their web!

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